December 10, 2008

All Of This For $100?!: From Dear Reader, Tiffany In Houston

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from a one Ms Tiffany In Houston (you guessed it: LOVE her!) last afternoon!

She's famous for her cheeky one-liners but now I recognize the TBS tendencies flowing through her veins. I'm so proud!
Between bites of her turkey sandwich (or whatever) at her desk yesterday, TIH was able to find this dynamic red dress, perfect baubles and a pair of pumps for less than $100! Yay, TIH! I am sooooo proud of you. TIH was able to work her magic with a $25 off coupon.
Perhaps I can convince her to send pics of her wearing these pieces of her wardrobe when they arrive. Please, TIH, pretty please?
How'd she do? You like?
Thanks for sharing, TIH!

1 comment:

  1. It's aiight. I'm not a fan of that chick TIH. In fact...after today...I hate her. :)

    (Hate is the new love! LOL!)


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