December 31, 2008

76 Percent Savings...Yay Me!

Originally $415, this fab dress was scored for just under $100. Isn't it absolutely lovely?
I had been watching it since it first appeared on the Saks site back in August. I originally considered it for my birthday soiree but it was wayyyyyy out of my budget. To say that I've been stalking it since then is an understatement.
Alicia and I have a little something up our sleeves for February (I'll share in due time), so this'll be a great hostess dress or it'll be perfect for a night on the town with Mr TBS (grrrrrrr!).
Any good finds over the past couple of days?


  1. I'm actually going to go by a see about something lovely today. I figure if I take a Dayquil thirty minutes before I leave the house I'll be just fine!

  2. Yes! I snagged a lovely coat from Tarjay. This one

    It's plum..I saw it over a month ago, tried it on and put it back. I'm so glad it waited patiently for me, and shed some weight off the price :-).


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