December 31, 2008

Why Must Mr TBS Work Tonight?


Mr TBS is on duty this evening and I am stuck at home alone! Me...of all people!

Gareth is with his mom and I don't know what to do with myself. Me...of all people!

I didn't plan for this...a horror of horrors!

Any suggestions besides kissing the back of my hand at midnight?


  1. My husband and I haven't shared a New Year's Eve together in the past 10 years.;.( I make appetizers (spinach dip, pin wheels) and watch my fav dvd's and hav a sip of bubbly @ 12. Not the best but it works.

  2. Break out the bubbly and have a blast! Wonderful women like you can be fine by themselves!
    Continued success in 2009 with this amazing blog!

  3. @Anonymous...thanks for the support and the tip. I took your advice, ran out and got some victuals and am looking forward to an evening at home! I now realize that it's all about perspective.

    @Florida Evans (ahem) are hilarious.

    @Vanessa Cavaco...thanks for the kind words!

  4. I invited you to my house but I never heard from you! So sorry you were alone on NYE!

  5. This is dreadful! Your front door is about 3.5 miles from mine and you are ALWAYS welcome. Call me next time! Happy New Year to you, Mr. TBS and Mr. Gareth.


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