November 22, 2008


Greetings to you all!

Come on in. Look around a bit. Wellllll...what do you think?

It's so good to see you over here!

Well...this is my new home and my door continues to swing on 'Welcome' hinges. Isn't it so "Me"?!

So get cozy....there are some Champagne and bites on the virtual buffet. Pardon some of the dust, I'm still making some improvements. Since we're such good friends, I'm sure you won't mind. I'll use a step-wise approach to infuse new elements.

Over the past year, as I began to blog and truly embrace the spirit of The Broke Socialite, I'd close my eyes and dream. Dream about the fun that could be had in hopes of building a brand, a lifestyle. I also considered the wonderful people I might meet, grow to know and educate. It all seemed so farfetched!

Before I knew it, I was being pushed and prodded by my friends---new and old--- and their friends (Dee, Rhonda, Najah, Shelley, Kate, Bridgette S, Kelly, Shannon, Alicia, Aaronica, Chuck "Why You So Fashion?" C, Amanda A, Amanda B, Lisa B, Amy B, Swilkins, Michelle A, Cassandra, Terica, Ashleigh, Robin, Brigette P, Katie T and Colleen). They willingly became my built-in focus group.

Undergirding the push was encouragement from the ever-patient, Mr TBS. He didn't quite understand my vision at first but he makes me write when I'm just not feeling it and he sees a blog entry in EV-ER-Y-THING.

Some of my biggest cheerleaders have also been my family: Mama, Daddy (who has no clue what this is all about) and my sister, Chanci. My in-laws, aunts, uncles and cousins have also been listening to me talk about this concept for nearly years: remember me droning about this pipe dream in Seaside two years ago?

Then, I began to be inspired by my new friends in the blogosphere (Erica B., Babs, CreoleInDC, Christie Crowder and the wonderful personalities in their communities). I've watched how these ladies carry themselves, what makes them unique and modeled my desire to become a niche-blogger after their excellence.

I'm sure you've read a million blogs and aren't sure why I'm carrying on such the teary-eyed scandal (someone, please pass me my monogrammed lace hankie stat! about this one but it's sorta like buying a home after you've been renting for a while. You know: you're allowed to paint the walls, change the lighting, bed tulips and so forth. Well, that's how I feel.

My interior designer of sorts is the wonderfully talented Karen of Simply Amusing Designs. Karen and I traded a few e-mails and she quickly captured the essence of The Broke Socialite. She was able to translate all of my rambling into a proper home.

So the sappiness ends now.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone. I've still been sourcing for the home office, researching budget friendly holiday options (wardrobe, entertaining, recipes and otherwise) and definitely cataloging my cost-conscious thoughts. I'll be back in full-force later today or tomorrow.

Right now, though, I'm just fine spinning around in my party dress and drinking champagne.

*This blog is dedicated to the memories of my grandmothers, Sarah and Pinkie. Two of the most fabulous Broke Socialites I ever knew: they never met strangers, embodied class and elegance, wore the fiercest hats and furs and managed to do it all with lean budgets. Oh how tickled they'd be if they knew I'd closely watched them and carefully took notes for such a time as this.


  1. yesss!!! the first one!!!

    i LOVE this!!!!! it's so perfect for you... so classy yet sassy and fashionably right...

    i can't wait to see what new things this brings about!


  2. yes. I think it's official. I will HAVE to find a way to get my good friend Karen to help me with my bloginess.

  3. @rachel whetzel: Karen is a genius; she really is. LOVE HER!

  4. I love it!!! You've come a long way chica.



  5. Perfection. And it'll continue to get better!!! Much love and best wishes.

  6. Whooooohoooo! Going look around! It's looks FABULOUS chica! Congrats!!!!!

  7. Your site looks SUPERB!!! Just FAB!

  8. TBS,

    I LOVE it! It's perfection at its finest...

  9. Congrats on the relaunch!!


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