November 12, 2008

They're Bonannos: B-O-N-A-NN-O-S!

Who'd have ever thought that I'd be talking about sandals when it's, like, 40 degrees in Atlanta today?

Last night, I joined a few ladies for a BlogHer networking event at Twelve in Atlanta. The soiree, chocked full of smart ladies, cocktails and tasty morsels, was co-sponsored by Saturn. Though I did not get an opportunity to test drive one of the four vehicles (I was too harried from the ATL traffic), I was glad I went. Thanks for the invite, Christie (love her!)!

When I finally got home, guess what I found on my door step? My Bonanno's! The handmade sandals which are an element of Palm Beach chic. I'd gotten my first pair mid-summer 2008 and longed for them in another flavor. So when they advertised the $100 (a $40 savings)SunFest sale in August, I had to have another pair! A part of the twist with the deal was this: arrival could take between 8-12 weeks. Since I knew that on the front end, there was absolutely no problem.

I'll be honest: they aren't everyones' style. But y'all know that I am a monogram freak aficianado, right? There's something about a pair of shoes that are handmade especially for me that makes me soooo giddy! The craftsmanship is impeccable and these are, by far, the most comfortable flip flops that I've ever had.

If you're looking for an awesome holiday gift, order your personalized Bonanno's by December 8.

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