November 12, 2008

The Best $6.99 I've Spent In A While..."Pashminas"

I admit it: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Instead of hopping right out, I snuggled in deeper, closed my eyes and listened to Chris and Sam banter on Good Morning America ( them and Diane and Robin). When I finally decided to get up, I was in scramble mode: a la what shall I wear to work?

Our office is on the more casual side of business casual; so a nice pair of jeans will always do. Check. I'd also found this really cute cropped jacket for $10 on clearance at Tar-Zhay earlier this fall so I thought I'd rock that. Check. Layering tank in chocolat (yes..I did mean to type Check. So I threw it all on and was bored by such the palatte of neutrals. What to do? What to do?

I remembered that I'd picked up a punchy reddish-orange "pashmina" . First of all, all "pashminas"(read: not cashmere) are not pashminas and that's OK. This one, snagged at Ross, is not authentic but the quality is nice. I usually wear scarves like this in the "noose" style but thought I'd do something a little different. So I began to wrap and tuck and tuck and wrap. Much to my surprise, I made a chic, little neck warmer. I thought I'd share (pardon the iPhone...after all, I WAS running late and didn't have time to whip out the real camera). Even the color made me feel so much better during my commute!

Whether it's a pashmina or a "pashmina", scarves are essential to your cold-weather wardrobe. You can do so many things with them.

Do you like to wear scarves? If so, how do you sport yours?

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