November 1, 2008

TBS's Bargain Shopping Friday: The Fruit of My Labor

I did a little bargain shopping today and can honestly say that I don't have to see another TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, or HomeGoods for at least another day week or two. I got a few good bargains and wanted to share a couple of them.
First of all, our household is trying to do better with recycling and being sensitive to the needs of Mother Earth. Everytime I throw away a bundle of those plastic shopping bags, I So today whilst I was getting the max for the minimum (do they even use that tagline anymore? Hmmm?), I stumbled upon the most wonderful totes that I'll use for my grocery shopping. At a whopping $3 each, I bought a total of four(two for my car, two for Mr TBS's vehicle). What I've decided to do is unpack the groceries and immediately return them to the car; this ensures that I'm not caught without them. Each measures 19 inches (l) x 21 inches (w). The handles measure 10 inches long. Tres chic, as tough as nails and made of 100% recycled fabric.

Katie T made a good point one day after I bought the bamboo chairs: go to the TJ Maxx's of the world in the suburbs or more rural areas for the best finds. Her unscientific case study revolves around the notion that most folk in the 'burbs really don't know what's good. I know that's a glittering generality and it's not meant to offend anyone but I've tested this theory and I've yet to be disappointed. Today for example: I found myself in Buford, GA (approximately 30 - 40 miles north of Atlanta) and discount store-hopping. I was doing what I do first: meticulously digging throughsurveying the accessories and I saw a woman fidgeting with a matte gold box with a beautiful, bauble-y brooch closure. Let me tell you: I willed that lady to put down the box....and she did. Before I picked it up, I knew what it was (perhaps this was a how Charlie felt when he got the Golden Ticket)....Lily Pulitzer; I was just afraid of the price. And then I peeked: my eyes saw two things...1)signature pink and white palm lining and 2)the price tag...$20. The original price was $160. Check my math but isn't that, like, nearly 85 percent off? I've grand plans for this cute clutch over the holidays. It measures (5 inches tall x 7 inches wide x2.5 inches deep). It's a steal!

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