November 2, 2008

Break Out The Bubbly...A Milestone and New Baubles!

First of all, there's cause for celebration today. As I scribe this particular post, my stats remind me that this is my 100th entry. Hallelujah! Who'd have ever thunk it? Me? A blog? Making my imprint in the blogosphere? Meeting some of the most wonderful people ever? If y'all haven't noticed, The Broke Socialite is truly my passion and I am grateful to all of you who continue to read, comment, and yes, even lurk. *Tears dropping*

This is also an opportunity for me to share that there are lots of phenomenal things on the blog-rizon for TBS and you! Soon and very soon, I'll be able to reveal more details. Just know this...the excitement definitely calls for a brown paper bag...I can not be held liable for hyperventilation! Stay tuned...

When Rhonda, Dee and I were exercising our retail rights a few weeks back, I stumbled upon the most fabulous Ellen Tracy jewel-encrusted, heather gray, wool cropped jacket. I slipped it on and wanted to spin around and around saying: "There's no place like home...There's no place like home...". Oh, it felt sooooo good. My shopping partners were in awe when I cut the corner and I began to vascillate to and fro about the purchase. See, I'm pretty classic in my approach to clothes and I leave bedazzled clothing to puff-painted tee shirts and my mother in law (heyyyyyyy, MiMi, girl!). So, in spite of prodding from the girls, I left it. Because I don't want to give Mr TBS a heart-attack (he comes over here sometimes), I'll just say that the jacket was originally priced at $800 and the sale represented a savings of at least 75%. If you want specifics, shoot me an email (wink, wink). I even negotiated an additional 10% discount because 2 jewels were missing from the collar.

Fast forward two weeks and I get my copy of the StyleMaven's book, How To Have Style. As I leafed through the pages, I came to page 77 and was stopped dead in my tracks because there IT was! The Ellen Tracy jacket was all gussied up and looking very un-Church Lady-ish. That, my friends, was my signal. I should have gotten the jacket.

So you can guess what I did yesterday?? Called Off Fifth and asked if the jacket was still there in my size. To say I made a beeline would be an understatement. It's now mine, mine, mine. What shall I do with it? Well, I'm glad you asked. This will be awesome with some heather gray trousers and the right pointed toe pump OR with trouser jeans (my mainstay)...there are limitless possibilities. I consider it an investment piece and think that I'll wear it for years to come.

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