October 31, 2008

I’m Proud Of Myself (I Think…)!

Today was great! I had lunch with the wonderful Christie Crowder at Taqueria del Sol. We were so busy chatting about blog business that, before we knew it, nearly two hours had passed and we were asked to leave. It was a first, my friends. We were kicked out of a taco bar; something about they needed the table (ha!)…bizarre. Our budget friendly lunches averaged about $7 and the food was pretty good.

On my way back home, I decided to pop into a design house. A little bird told me that this firm had some residuals from past projects that needed to be liquidated. I’ll say this: they had a couple of pieces of furniture that piqued my interest but nothing that I had to have.

I, however, wanted to show this club chair to you. It’s absolutely brand new; they broke it out of the box and protective coverings just for me. I wanted it sooooo badly and then I walked away. Ever so tempted by it’s linen upholstery, I was lured back. Zig-zag. Zig-zag. Until I sat in it for a while (’twas solid) but then I remembered: the home office. I had to leave this fab find. This wonderful, fantabulous chair. Want to hear what broke my heart? Retail price = $800. Asking price = $225 (and they surely would have taken less).
Alas, here I am: club chair-less. That’s OK, right (Please, please, please co-sign and make me feel better about my loss)? TBS can’t win ‘em all.

In mourning (at least until I start shopping for office stuff this weekend),

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