November 28, 2008

The Broke Socialite's Primer To Holiday Cards

Don't panic.
Really...settle down.
Yes, there's still time.
Yes, even for some fabulous personalized holiday cards.
Come back.
I'm so glad that you'ved from the ledge of being overwhelmed by one more thing to do.
Here's a glass of wine (some goooooood wine, too).
Let's chat:

Yes, ideally you would have ordered your holiday cards by now. But in the midst of preparing for tailgates, Halloween and Thanksgiving, who had time to think about them? Very few of us. I am always thrilled when I receive holiday cards in the mail and try to take the time to find cards which reflect the personality of my family. Hopefully, the tips meticulously outlined by TBS will help you firm up your order in a jiffy.

Holiday Card Etiquette 101

1. If uncertain if the recipient celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or another religious faith or tradition, then send a neutral card with a greeting of Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season, or Peace on Earth.

2. Write the recipient's name inside the card.

3. Write a short note wishing them well, a simple sentence is better than nothing.

4. Even if your name is preprinted in the card, sign your first name after your short message.

5. Including a photo of the family is always delightful.

6. Send cards out in time for the recipient to receive before Christmas.

7. Only send holiday newsletters to close friends and family who would be interested in the details.

8. Remember to include your return address on the envelope.

9. Send a card to everyone who sends you one.

10. E-mail greeting cards are not a substitute for an actual holiday card.

11. Buy stamps as soon as possible.

Sources for Fab Holiday Cards

Parting card-shopping words:

  • Though you've still got a little time to pull your cards together, do not procrastinate. Set a goal, ex. you'll have cards chosen by December 5 and mailed by December 10.

  • Don't forget to buy postage stamps.

  • If personalized or custom cards are not in your budget, boxed cards from discount stores can be sweetened with a nice note or family newsletter.

Will you be sending holiday cards this year?

Have you selected your cards and when do you usually mail them?

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  1. I am sending holiday cards this year. I have printed out my mailing labels, made the cards for those very close to me and now I have to take our family photo and include it. I HOPE to mail them by the 5th. That is my goal lol.

  2.'re so good and inspire us all. The family photo is always such a good idea.

  3. I'm making up for last year lol. I was hung by my toes for not sending out cards lol.

  4. This was good information for folks Chica!

    Will you be sending holiday cards this year? - Yes ma'am. Every year. It's one of my favorite things to do. Since I blog I don't do a holiday letter since most of my family reads my blog and knows what is going on with us. I include a personal photo for family. I include a personal note in EVERYONE'S card though...just for them and I take my time actually thinking about the person so I get it exactly right as my mother used to.

    Have you selected your cards and when do you usually mail them? - I buy my cards the year before during the after Christmas sales from Papyrus. I don't worry about them all matching and just focus on getting really nice ones because I figure the recipients won't get together and swap notes over cards...ROFL! Papyrus' cards are LOVELY but I never pay full price for them and everyone always oooohs and aaaaahs over our cards. I mail them by Dec. 15th...mid month. I've been addressing them and writing the notes by hand for the past two weeks already so it's not something that I run out of time for. I do wonder about doing labels for them every year to speed up the process as Adrienne does but I doubt my mother would have ever let me get away with it so I don't even try. ROFL!

    My holiday stamps have already been ordered and I also get special stamps and cards for my Jewish friends too.

  5. Yes I will be sending out cards and yes I've selected. I also hand address my envelopes. It just feels more personal that way.

  6. I have the cards, need to get the family photo printed up and plan to send the cards out by December 10th.

    Thank you for the tips.


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