November 28, 2008

TBS Adores The December Holiday Season

I like Thanksgiving. I do. I really do.

But you probably won't be surprised to know that I love the Christmas season so much more.

It stems from my childhood, I think. My parents always made such a big deal about holidays. I'd take the Sears and JC Penney Wish Books, a few pieces of loose leafed notebook paper, a pencil and draft the items that I wanted Santa to bring with columns highlighting price and order of priority. I'm a planner from waaaaayyyyyy back.

Of all of the childhood gifts delivered by Santa, I will always---hands down---love my Easy Bake Oven best. I think I'd made my entire inventory of cakes by the end of that Christmas Day. I am wallowing in nostalgia today and will likely put up my tree over the course of the next couple of days. Because my holiday ends on Sunday night, I know that I either do it now or I'll find myself fashioning the tree on Christmas Eve 2008....and that's just not right.

Ever the drill sergeant, I have instructed Mr TBS and G that they must make a trip to the attic today and deliver my decorations before the end of the day.

We used to have real trees as a child but I now opt for an artificial tree (hey! I get more price per wear, right? OK, OK...I'm too lazy to bother with a real tree). I got the tree (originally $169) during a closeout sale last year for just under $60 and the accoutrements were nearly free (like 90% off). My theme this year: ethnic chic. You'll see. I can't wait to pull it all together!

  • Do you display a tree during the December holiday season?
  • Real or artificial?
  • Have you a theme this year?
  • When will you decorate your tree?

Until next time,


  1. I always have a real one. I plan on buying a real one this year and I'm having a Mardi Gras theme.

  2. @Serenity3-0: please send a pic of your tree! What a novel idea.

  3. Of COURSE you love Christmas! LOL! We knew that! You gave yourself away EONS ago!

    Do you display a tree during the December holiday season? Yes ma'am.

    Real or artificial? REAL, REAL, REAL! Fraser Fir or a Colorado Blue Spruce to be more specific.

    Have you a theme this year? Like Serenity3-0 I'm drawn to all things home so I rock the magnolias.

    When will you decorate your tree?
    The first weekend of December so I have plenty of time to make adjustments for my holiday party.

  4. @CreoleInDC---why am I not surprised? I, in fact, believe that I was an elf in another life...long story. And as always, pic of the magnolia-laden beauty, please?


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