November 28, 2008

The Broke Socialite's Budget-Friendly Christmas Tree 2008

Tah TBS's Christmas Tree 2008: "Shaka Zulu".

Chocked full of lights, extra-extra large cowrie shells, an assortment of ethni-chic ornamants (elephants, hear no/see no/speak no evil monkeys and other Moroccan-themed eye candy), Gareth and I spent this evening putting together the tree and situating our ornaments.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a end-of-holiday-season trip to Garden Ridge in December 2007 (I think it was, like, New Year's Eve) made for a fruitful 2008 tree. The tree was just over $60 and the ornaments were buy 2, get 2 free. The large cowrie shells were purchased for about $10 or so at, yet another, a designer's liquidation sale last year at 60% off. The phesant feathers (which make up our non-traditional topper) were just a few dollars.

I made up my mind today. Beginning this year, I will choose a theme for our Christmas tree. At the end of this season, I will bundle the gently used items, eBay them and begin shopping for next year's theme. Thus, making a little money, reducing clutter and having a year-long project.

Gareth and I decided to name this year's tree Shaka Zulu 2008 because of the ethnic texture. We thought the tree to be rich, strong and regal; much like the African warrior.

There is only one element missing: a tree skirt. The one that I bought was bit too frilly; so it's back to the drawing board we go. We're thinking of mudcloth to tie the whole concept together.

Do you take risks when decorating for the holidays each year or do you stick to traditional decor? How much do you generally spend on your decorations?

Any tips or tricks to share?

Send your holiday decor tips to thebrokesocialite{at}yahoo{dot}com. Let's exchange ideas.!


  1. Do you take risks when decorating for the holidays each year or do you stick to traditional decor? - I find that my traditional Southern decor is risky out here. ROFL!

    How much do you generally spend on your decorations? - I currently have 6 full sets of color combinations. I buy them when they go on sale during the season and after. I buy expensive and dirt cheap and mix em up.

    Any tips or tricks to share? Yup. Lots. :)

  2. Oh the way...YOUR TREE ROCKS!

    I love this blog!

  3. Your tree looks great!!

    I take some risks but not too many. It's mainly traditional.

    I don't spend a lot on decor items. I almost always get them after the season. My biggest ticket item is normally my tree. We get a live one every year. This year, I said if I could find a really nice artificial tree I will get it after the season.

  4. Any extra feathers? I need to pop one of my neighbor's inflated Santas....


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