October 30, 2008

Is This A Great Piece for The Home Office Project?

I kid you not.

I think I bought this print from Ballard’s Back Room (this, of course, is the outlet for Ballard Designs) about 9 months ago for, like, $15. It’s a chandelier (duh, right?) on a 16″x20″ self-hanging canvas.

Might we share a moment of silence for Ballard’s Back Lot? There are only two and both are in Atlanta. If you are ever able to go, be sure to sign up for their mailing list; they have awesome coupons. Note: I live 3 miles (read: dangerously close) to a Ballard’s Back Room, so let me know if anyone ever needs me to check for any items there.

When I purchased it, I knew I was being greedy. Can’t you see how I fell in love with it? Because I share my home with the guys, I try to be more neutral in my decor. You know..not too many flowers and such. Ever so crestfallen, I had filed this in the closet of things that I always buy but never use (don’t you have such a closet or corner?). Well, as the interior design gods would have it, I stumbled upon this beauty whilst totally looking for something else. Dare I say that I’d forgotten about it?

Chandeliers are one of my favorites; in a few weeks, you’ll see why!

What do you think? Based on the inspiration room pic from the other day, will it be a good fit?
Does it seem like a good anchor piece?

This, I think, warrants a $15 credit to my budget (don’t you love my rationalization skills math? Ha!). $515…love it. Never forget to shop your closets or home for “new” items. You’ll be surprised at the deals!


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