September 24, 2008

Live From San Francisco

Hi y’all! I briefly wanted to check in with everyone. Things are going well in San Francisco. I’m working, like, 12 hour days but San Francisco is a really cool destination. Perhaps Mr TBS and I should spend some vacation time here when I can really enjoy it. What’s really sad, though, is the homeless population here. Being faced with it real time, everyday for the past few days has really put some things in perspective for me.
I’m here for Oracle Open World and haven’t seen so many people lending toward the same cause in a very long time. There are people from every corner of the world here…simply co-existing.
Tomorrow night, there will be a concert for all attendees featuring Elvis Costello, Alan Jackson and Seal (wonder if Heidi will be in tow…hmmmmmmm). Sounds like a blast, right? Well, it’s just OK to me because I met some REAL rock stars today. Three staff members from stopped by our booth (they use Oracle software). In the world of bargain shopping, Overstock is one of my most favoritest haunts. I told them that they needed to be thanking me because I, alone, probably keep them in a job. They were so wonderful. So shouts out to Ian and crew…thanks for visiting with me and entertaining all of my inventory-related questions (and, of course, I had quite a few).
I miss you all and will begin posting regularly again next week.
Still trying to recover from horrible, horrible jet lag after 4 nights (ugh!),

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