November 9, 2010

Something New!

Though I'm appreciative of tradition, I've been known to go astray and freestyle quite often.

Such will be the case with my Thanksgiving meal this year.  I've been searching for new recipes to try out on my family that challenges them to think a little differently, too.  Over the next couple of weeks, I'll share my ideas (and the recipes) with you.

As my Grandma Pinkie (may she rest in peace) used to say, "That internet knows EVERYTHING, doesn't it?" Yes! It does.  I spent some time over the weekend scouring various and sundry websites for great culinary ideas.

One that moved me was 'Roasted Carrots and Parsnips With White Balsamic' from Bon Appetit. Yummy! This alongside oyster dressing makes me faint at such the savory thought.  I'm thinking of doing a couple of different desserts that I'm already on the hunt for.

Are YOU trying any new recipes for Thanksgiving?

Photo credit: Bon Appetit


  1. Those sound really good!! Yum! I'm not sure if we are trying anything new yet - we usually have at least one new thing, but stick to the main basics that we've nailed down over the past 5-10 years of Mom and I cooking together :)

  2. It sounds delish! I have to slip things in on my family sideways. They can't see it coming. I have a trick or two up my sleeves. Before I spring it on them for Thanksgiving, I must at least introduce it to them, or I'll be stuck eating it all by myself!

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  4. That dish looks great! I will be trying a new dessert that a friend saw on Martha Stewart which is a pumpkin cheese cake, but I will be trying it with sweet patato instead of pumpkin. Enjoy your meal!

  5. Now those look delicious! I wonder if I can make myself make the time to try those some time soon.

  6. I'm doing an Asian-flavored Thanksgiving. Seriously, I am.

  7. Oyster dressings are the best!

    We are brining our turkey this year which is something new! And...if we can score some duck fat we will be adding a bit of that under the skin :)

    Hoping you have a delicious holiday!

  8. Not this year. I tried to find something new but every time I crossed off something old to accommodate something new my husband acted like I was doing him wrong. *sigh*

    Come get him.


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