November 4, 2010

The Broke Socialite's Virtual Parade: Sugar Coma Festival Vendors

In just over a week, The Broke Socialite Does...will host the very first dessert festival in Atlanta.  My hope is that it is the beginning of a wonderful culinary experience for those who are afflicted with sweet teeth in other markets, too! 

If you are in Atlanta (or surrounding areas) on Sunday, November 14th from 2-6 PM at Le Fais Do-Do.
Tickets can be purchased here.  We'll have a DJ, demos, tastings and a Marketplace where you can purchase your very own goodies!  Since we're on the cusp of holiday season, this is a great opportunity to rack up some great treats and freeze them.

Sugar Coma Festival is a great alternative to your standard weekend plans. Won't you join us?


Comfort Kitchens, LLC


  1. Mmmm, Krispy Creme Bread Pudding by Relish...worth every calorie!!!

  2. How Many Gluten Free treats do you think there will be? I want to make sure it is worth my $25!

  3. I think I just gained a few pounds simply reading the list of who will be there! Can't wait!

  4. @lulabell: The Pop Shop, Dough, Celia's Bakeshop, Pure Knead, Cake Hag, The Free Cookie and Scoopz all offer GF treats!


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