September 13, 2010

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

Did everyone have a great weekend?  I truly hope so.

This week's Modern Manners Monday comes from my Inbox.  Hopefully, you all (especially those who are social media enthusiasts) can offer insight.

Dear TBS:

Firstly, I LOVE the Modern Manners Monday series.  I am a fellow blogger and utilize it as a platform to talk about a little bit of this or that but mostly nothing.  Sometimes I write about pop culture; other times, I focus on the things that strike a chord with me and I want to share.  Unfortunately, I have attracted the attention of a "virtual heckler".  If I post a picture of a DIY project from my home, "Anonymous" inevitably comments about how horrible they think it is.  When I post a picture of me in a new skirt, I get a post that says I look a little pudgy (this really hurts my feeling because I struggle with my weight and have struggled with an eating disorder).

What should I do about this McMeanie? I enjoy blogging and don't want to be run off but as much as I try to ignore it; there is a sting.

What would YOU do if you were this blogger?  How do you feel about social media meanies?


  1. I have my blog set up so that I have to approve comments before they are published for the readers to see. I would not publish the heckler's comments. I would even go so far as to have a post about negativity and constructive criticism. Maybe the heckler will get the picture.

  2. The same with me, they should take their hater ways somewhere else! I approve all my comments and I get them time to time too and I just don't approve them.

  3. If you're going to be a blogger and post things like that, you MUST have a thick skin. Just because you think your project is fabulous, you have to know that someone else thinks it's probably garbage. Just because you think your new skirt is hot, some else thinks you look like crap. That's just how it is. There are a lot of "Negative Nellies" in the world that love to spread their misery. You MUST learn to laugh it off and not wear your feelings on your sleeve.

  4. Do not feed the troll. Never, ever, ever respond to that person's nasty comments, no matter what. No matter how much you want to. Delete the comments if you can't block the troll completely.

  5. Hecklers= page views. Look at it as a blessing in disguise!!

  6. i also set up my blog so i have to approve all comments before they are posted, and i don't allow anonymous commenters. good luck!

  7. It really depends on the type of heckler this is. Are you sure it's always the same person? If not, then I'd let it continue. I do respond to haters, as calmly and dispassionately as I can. If they have said anything with merit, I acknowledge how they are correct. I don't defend myself much. If, however, this is one person who is just being nasty, I'd block them/delete all their comments. Not because they hurt you, but because they will by now be annoying your readers. I'd probably post explaining, as calmly and dispassionately as I could, why I was doing it.

    Just because blog trolls have terrible manners doesn't mean you have to:).

  8. This is interesting to me because it is one of my all time pet peeves. I have been hit by a media meanie (on this blog no less!) who thought it necessary to comment on what I was thinking. I commented back and was delightfully supported by a fellow responder. I can't for the life of me figure out why someone would take the time out to offer mean spirited, negative advise or words. Just don't answer!!! I am grateful for those blogs that warn people that while they are welcomed to have a dissenting opinion they do not have the option to be rude. If they are their comment will be removed and they will be blocked.

    I further appreciate it when fellow responders let others know that their behavior is unacceptable. In this age of invisible courage, some people seem to think they can say whatever they want, THEY CAN'T!! I would definitely deal with this person,but by no means stop or curtail your creativity. The www is big enough for all of us.... trolls are free to go elsewhere. (can you tell this annoyed me a little? LOL) Celeste

  9. Agreed: moderate your comments. There are some crazy people out there! I will post comments if people don't agree with my opinion, but I won't post comments that are just mean for the sake of being mean.

    It's your blog!

  10. It seems to me that this "meanie" may be a little jealous of your success or just a little bored with her life and can find nothing more to do with it other than make comments about your blogs.
    I think approving the blogs b/f they post may be a good idea in this instance!
    There are always going to be people like this in the world- sticks and stones girlfriend, sticks and stones!!! (My fave quote from the Blind Side) :)

  11. WhySheDidThat started the string with the right answer! Delete them baby!!! There is not enough hours in the day to deal with poopy people!! Smile, move on and know that you're not pudgy and that your DIY projects are inevitably fab!


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