June 15, 2010

I'm Giddy Today!

Hitha Prabhakar

One of the perks of my job...remember, this is a job for me now...is meeting some of the world's most fabulous people.  Today, I get to exercise that privilege and I'm so excited that I can barely hide it.

For nearly a year and a half, I've been following and chatting with one of the most dynamic women in style, fashion and retail on Twitter.  I'm not really sure how we connected but when we did, I felt like she was a sister from another mother.  We ragged on reality shows together virtually and she taunted me with pictures of The Empire State building ('cause she lives in NYC, you know).  I got tickled when she'd appear as an expert on CNBC or Fox because surely the night before we'd just been talking about something waaaayyy less serious (like the tacky Real Housewives of Wherever) that the latest retail numbers.

Meet my friend Hitha Prabhakar!  Isn't she adorable? As it turns out, we're meeting up for a cocktail tonight.  She has to be one of the hardest working women in the fashion industry.  I admire her chutzpah and her charm.  Keep up with her blog here.  As I am The BROKE Socialite, I can only utilize her blog for inspiration. For now.

Have you met anyone from the social media dealings lately? How? Who? Isn't it the best?


  1. She is beautiful! Have fun tonight!

  2. I've met soo many Pinktastic people since moving here to Atlanta. I've even met you! I love being in the entertainment business and interviewing fab people. It can be so rewarding. Have a drink for me chica and take plenty of pics! I often look thru my archives and say to myself, wow I've been truly blessed! :o)

  3. I hooked up with a PR professional via Twitter last week and now I'm working on a graphic design project for her based out of NY. Gotta love it! ;)

  4. Yay! Have fun tonight! I've had the honor of meeting and in some cases, doing business with folks I've met via social media! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE meeting people IRL, just to find out they're even more fly in real life! Ain't it grand?!!


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