June 24, 2010

The Broke Socialite Does...Freeze! Part 1

In addition to shoes, I have another weakness. Ice cream. Not just any old ice cream, though. While butter pecan will go down as my all-time favorite, I love funky ice cream flavors.  Until recently, I'd gone exclusively to creameries like Ben and Jerry's for my fix but I'm discovering other creameries, gelateria and brands are ramping up their brands.

This past Saturday, I held another one of my The Broke Socialite Does tours.  It was called FREEZE! and was dedicated to all things ice cream, popsicles, sorbet, gelato, milkshakes, et al.  It was absolutely dreamy; especially in 90 degrees weather.  I wish I could relive this experience everyday.  We started out at No Mas Cantina where we were treated to brunch and iced dulce de leche.  They also whipped up a spicy mango ice cream (a tourist enjoying her cone above) with juuuuuuust the right kick.

Our next stop was The Mercantile, which hosted one of their ice cream vendors, Westside CreamerySwoon!  Owner Maggie Rentz served up a variety of flavors including Georgia Peach, Coconut Key Lime sorbet, Rasberry Framboise Sorbet (above), Blueberry Marscapone and a few others. No coveting necessary; they ship!

Very little wrong with starting off a Saturday with a root beer float.  Parish Foods & Goods hosted us at their upstairs bar and we all sipped on the Abita Root Beer Float which was divine.  So very refreshing!

One of the most anticipated stops was The King of Pops.  This guy? In a word: wow.  Having reinvented himself after being laid off over a year ago, Steven whips up organic popsicles in a variety of exotic flavors and peddles them for $2.50 each at a popular street corner in Atlanta. Genius, right?
These ladies WERE enjoying blackberry mojito and strawberry lemonade popsicles.

Before heading back to UrbanPl8 for lunch, our final stop was Paolo's Gelato.  We had a great tutorial about gelato and Paolo's process.  In addition to the Atlanta location, there is also one in Charleston.  My favorite? Green apple. Simply divine!

There is really too much to share in one post...so part 2 will be your Friday read. 

What's your favorite brand/flavor of ice cream/frozen treat?


  1. Cookie Dough, preferably ben and jerry's

  2. Oh, Haagen Daas Vanilla with Almonds.

    I am having a giveaway I hope you and your friends will join!!

    Art by Karena

  3. I am having ice cream envy!
    I LOOOOVE this brand called "Ciao Bella"--their key lime pie gelato is unforgettable.

    Thanks for sharing--what delicious adventures you have!


  4. Haagen Daaz Mint Chocolate Chip. Only mint ice cream that isn't GREEN!

    I also love crazy flavors and love trying new ice cream.

  5. You may want to try making your own! Cuisinart makes a good one. It's easy to use. Shiree'

  6. I can't handle the lactose in ice cream but for some reason gelato doesn't effect me at all!! LOVE IT ;)

  7. Looks as fabulous as Sugar Coma OTP...girl, you are too good at this!!

  8. Now you've made me hungry. Will be heading out for some Ben and Jerry's pistachio! I did a review of the book Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods and tried out their recipe for a very ice cream-like frozen dessert called Frozen Maple Mousse. Just three simple ingredients, no special equipment needed, amazing!


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