May 27, 2010

What Are You Doing This Holiday Weekend?

Memorial Day weekend symbolizes the official kick-off to the summer season for most...The Broke Socialite included.  When I was younger, I'd almost always jaunt off to some exotic locale or another but my pocketbook has me stay closer to home these days.  We will likely have a lazy weekend taking in a couple of local festivals, gather with some friends and enjoy the supposed beautiful weather.

A couple of my friends have made television appearances this week discussing all things entertaining and travel as it relates to the kick-off to summer.

My dear friend, Marian of Haute Travels blog shares her tips from a bon vivant and journalist's perspective.  See her recommendations here.

On Wednesday, Atlanta-based stylist, Annette Joseph dished out advice on how to throw a wonderful Memorial Day soiree with Hoda and Kathy Lee. (Yes. That Hoda and that Kathy Lee.) I continue to threaten Annette that I, one day, want to be the Gayle to her Oprah as Annette is building a lifestyle empire of her own. She is just fabulous!

So what are YOU doing this holiday weekend?


  1. We are not doing much, I am going to a cookout or two and have a brunch at the Ritz Carlton sunday. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Going home to Mississippi to see my Mom and Dad! First time since Christmas. Hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!

  3. I'm hoping this will be an active and fun weekend for me and my teens...sort of a summer vacation without the luggage. From Friday to Monday I plan to 1)see a movie then grill at home, 2)stroll through the Sandy Springs Farmers Market, 3)attend the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Parade, 3)wind down at the Atlanta Jazz Festival and 4)go to my sister's home for a Memorial Day barbeque. I'm looking forward to it all!

  4. Great!!
    LOVE IT.. <3
    xoxo* by Portugal


  5. We're having a neighborhood block party in my cul-de-sac on Saturday, Brunch at the Ritz on Sunday, chill-laxin' on Monday! Happy Holiday!

  6. Seeing Sex and the City 2 with some friends and coming back to the house for dinner. There may be cosmopolitans included!

  7. Hey! Hanging with family, cooking out and brunch on Sunday at the Ritz Carlton. Thanks so much for the shout out!

  8. Seeing Sex and the City2 with some friends, then FLEET WEEKEND!, on Memorial Day we're having a BBQ and relaxing...hoping for great weather here and there. ENJOY!

  9. my weekend will be a combination of movies, cookouts, an amusement park, and throwing my best friend's wedding shower! :)

    love your blog and your new career! enjoy your weekend.


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