April 12, 2010

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?


Hi everyone! You've been providing such wonderful feedback lately. One of your fellow readers poses the following question:

Dear TBS,
I have been a follower for a while, and thought about this yesterday and wondered what one might do. 

"A friend of a friend is a hair stylist (or manicurist, or masseuse, or works at an ice cream shop... etc!), and your friend says "Oh, go see my friend Babs at such and such a place - she'll do it for free/she'll give you a great deal!" So you go, even though you maybe wouldn't have gone if you hadn't been told it would be free or at a great price. When all is said and done, you end up being expected to pay full price."

What would YOU do? 


  1. Well, that's why you're supposed to talk to the friend's friend before you even schedule your appointment. Develop your own relationship, and know prices beforehand.
    Don't mention much to your friend unless he/she says something first. Do bring it up the next time a hook up is mentioned.

  2. Personally, I would have discussed price before getting the service. However, if I had not I would only mention to the friend if she brought it up. Also I would pay the full price without mentioning that 'Jane' said I would get the hook-up. And for the record; I'm a little wary of the hook-up.

  3. @Diamondemory said...

    I wholeheartedly agree with @sandalsnpearls comment. I would have called said friend first and mentioned where I received her name, that in itself may have made all the difference. Though, if I'm in the service industry, I don't want MY friends offering my services at a discount or free. That's for me to do and me alone. Now I appreciate the word of mouth support and recommendation, but don't set expectations. Not cool.

  4. I would have had the cash in my pocket and be expected to pay full price. The industry person is my friend's friend, not mine. I would have at least said, such and such recommended you highly. If it gets a discount, fine and if not fine.

  5. Personally I'd be hesitant to put any stock in the hook up int he first place. If the service provider isn't offering me the deal personally, I'd assume I'll prob end up paying full price.

    I think a lot of people make those comments 'go see my friend, she'll give you a great deal' without even *asking* the friend if she's OK with offering her services for a discount or free - which is pretty rude.

  6. I would have asked about the price beforehand.

  7. it is not right to volunteer a friends services for a discount let alone free. I also would have said " I am a friend of so and so's and would like to get a haircut, how much do you charge?"

    Also Ask yourself why would anyone give you a free anything if they don't even know you.

  8. Pay the bill. I should have asked cost, etc. when I called to make the appointment. My bad.


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