April 13, 2010

Meet The Mrs.

I don't know who Mrs Lillien is or what her backstory might be but alls I know is that I simply adore her.  She is a genius.

I came upon her blog a couple of months ago. I think my friend, Tami, sent me a link for a pair of sick shoes that the Mrs happened to feature in one of her daily montage musings.

Isn't it remarkable how many talented people that you stumble across in the blogosphere? I can't get enough of the shoes, baubles, fashions and what-nots pulled together by Mrs Lillien.  It was on her blog that I found Elva Fields and now I'm obsessing over her.  This all can be such a onion....one blog leads to another and another and another. I dare not complain.

What blogs do you read for eye candy?

Image credit: Mrs Lillien


  1. Yes! I ventured upon Mrs Lillien just last month...lovely boards with great styling.

    I must say it's ironic that you ask of our favorite blogs because I actually featured you on my Blog Round Up just yesterday! http://amandabrookes.blogspot.com/2010/04/blog-round-up-cheap-chic.html

    Oh and can I have one of every Elva Fields pieces?

  2. She is amazing! And definitely a daily blog read for me! She's really fun on Twitter too.

    I'd never heard of Elva Fields before her blog but now I'm dying for one of her pieces! They're truly works of art.

  3. I want an Elva Fields necklace, but most of the ones I want are sold out! :(

  4. She sounds awesome I have to check her out!

    Winks & Smiles,

  5. Love both Elva Fields (so desire every single piece she offers!) and Mrs. Lilien.

  6. I read The Lingerie Addict religiously for awesome eye candy! I want all the vintage lingerie and hosiery!


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