April 6, 2010

Corsages Are ALL The Rage!

As I prepare for Gareth to go to the prom this weekend, i.e. ordering his date's corsage, this reminded me of the beauty of the corsage.

Last year, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, pve, and came upon their recommendation for another blog, emersonmade. emersonmade and their beautiful handmade (from different fabrics) flowers melted my heart. Of course I had to have one.  Over the past six months, I've gotten mixed reactions....some people tease me because the circumference is 9 inches and as nearly big as my head. Others are stopped in their tracks and love it so much that they are tempted to yank it from my collar.  I was thrilled to see that TBS was included in one of emersonmade's photo tributes to their creations and the customers who love them.  Peek in the top left corner and you'll see me.

Are lapel flowers in your wardrobe this season?


  1. I must be a real ding dong, because I couldn't find you! I obviously was not looking in the right place. Anyway, I am glad to know about emersonmade corsages.

  2. I love it!! Wear it every day!!!! it's a great color too...

  3. LOVE Lapel flowers...I wore one Sunday with my Easter outfit. Here are some of my favorites:

  4. Mind meld! I just posted on Emersonmade Monday - I received my first order from them, and their posies are SO charming! The quality is excellent too. I wore flowers and brooches boldly. If others look askance - so what. They're just wishing they had a flower too :)

  5. This is a hot look. I'm looking forward to all the new spring and summer fashions highlighting this trend. Great content and topic!!!

  6. Wonderful! There is something so fine and fabulous about a floppy flower and a pretty smile! Look at you and you got to meet Ronda! She is "all the best" and thanks so much for the shout out as well as your wonderful comments.

  7. That would be fab in pink omg love that!

  8. oooh! I started making my own like 8 years ago and wear them all the time!!! I LOOOVE THEM!! I think they add a great and simple statement to any ensemble... This is my fave of the ones I've made:


    (shameless but sharing plug :))
    oh, and I do sell them! :)


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