March 5, 2010

Ode To Desiree Rogers

Surely you've heard by now that the White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers, stepped down last week. In a word, I was devastated.

Ms Rogers, in my opinion, personifies smarts, beauty and class. Hands down.

Though there are a legion of speculations regarding the reasoning behind her 'exit---stage left' (cough: that Salahi gatecrash mess), I'm much more concerned with celebrating what she has come to mean to so many in such a brief time. Wellesley and Harvard educated, I have admired her from afar as a Chicago socialite for some time.  Every article that I read  over the years painted her as approachable, charming, witty and ever-so stylish (her wardrobe is bad to the bone!).  She is to be lauded for her professional accomplishments but should be further celebrated because many of us can look at her and declare, "Oh yes I can, too!"

At our wits end when the news hit the wires last Friday, my dear friend, Monica, and I were immediately paralyzed. Monica insisted that we do something; so this Facebook page was born.  Monica's had the opportunity to voice the essence and spirit of our intent behind the virtual tribute in the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.  You see, despite race, societal echelon, education and all of that jazz, looking at Ms Rogers is like looking in the mirror for me.

Though she surely doesn't need me worrying about what she'll do next (for she has surely landed on her feet...and likely wearing fabulous shoes), I shall continue to celebrate what she symbolizes: smarts, beauty, class. I love it.

Join us on our Facebook page?


  1. of course! i love desiree and 100% agree with your assessment. that whole crew is bad to the bone, no joke. i also love the fact that her ex-husband speaks so highly of her. class all the way.

  2. It is with great pleasure that I say that we need more positive, elegant and outstanding women to admire and so us that we can do ANY!


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