January 13, 2010

Updated Edition: New Sugar Coma Sponsors!

Nothing beats a good update about Sugar Coma, right?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Take a gander at our additional sponsors for the now SOLD OUT soiree!


  1. I had THE BEST TIME at yesterday's SugarComa event - it was absolutely wonderful! I cannot even imagine the effort it took to pull all of this together. I loved visiting both the bakeries I had heard about, and being introduced to ones I had not - and I will do my best to let everyone know! And if that weren't enough, OMG you guys overloaded us with even MORE goodies in the goodie bags! And can I tell you I cannot stop thinking of the Black Tie BBQ chicken and the Bakeshop Butterscotch Pot De La Creme!! Thank you so much for hosting a wonderful & most memorable experience!

  2. Thanks so so much! Like Addy said, we had an absolute blast.


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