October 6, 2009

TBS's Weekend Thrift Store Find: Part One

Somehow or another, I ended up in the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Saturday Morning. Though I was on my way to brunch, its flashing light was calling me (much like the "Hot Donughts" sign at Krispy Kreme).  I've since found out that this particular SA location is notorious for having a great furniture selection.  I got a fab etagere there last year, so I should have remembered.  I'd only made a semi circle in the entrance when I came across the diamond-in-the rough below.  Marked $70, it had been on the floor greater than 40 days (and waiting for me) which entitled me to a 50 percent discount.  Can you believe it? I couldn't.  I thought I would hyperventilate.  Yes...it's banana yellow.  Yes...it'll take a little elbow grease to turn it into the perfect piece.  I'm OK with that. 

I'm thinking that I should put it in my home office (since so many big deals are being brokered in there these days).  I've decided on this little sofa from Nate Berkus (and, y'all, don't discount HSN!)

Won't it be lovely painted an orange-ish red...maybe blood orange? I am OBSESSED with the blood orange/Tiffany blue combo these days.  I'm currently hunting the perfect pink/white fabric for drapes as I continue to outfit the room from which I shall build my empire! *rubbing hands together*

Do you shop at thrift stores?  Which ones in your area do you recommend?


  1. LOVE IT! Go you. Also love the potential color combo, it will be so bright and cheery!

  2. Great article! I love thrift stores! My favorite thrift stores in Maryland are Village Economy and La Segeunda Thrift Store in Laurel, Maryland. I go to so many thrift stores from Virginia to Baltimore. I had planned on writing an article on my blog about thrift stores but never got around to it. I also love to go to estate sales too, especially on the last day of the sale when you can buy by the bag full. If you are ever in the DC area let me know and I can take you around to lots of thrift stores. Why not make a trip especially for that reason? Did you know there is this lady who plans bus trips to thrift stores? I considered doing something like that.

  3. TBS, I love that table! I swear my sister in law has its counterpart in a round version...same "bamboo" look, same banana yellow. I can picture this table in a few different colors - lime green, bright red, hot pink...and if you decide on your aqua/blood orange combo I think that would be fab too! Please paint it in a shiny, shiny lacquer, whatever color you choose. That would look so delish! I would have snatched up this table so aren't you glad I don't live in the 404?


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