October 7, 2009

Eddie Ross Would Be SO Proud!

Last Friday was Mr TBS's birthday.  Because of our schedules, I did not have an opportunity to bake his birthday cupcakes (I know...bad, bad wife but my dear of a husband is tres, tres understanding).  I felt very badly about this and can't wait to get in the kitchen and chef up a batch.

Boy, will he be surprised when I do.

While I was at the Salvation Army Thrift Store last weekend, I came upon this set of cake plates for $9.99. Yep.  Doesn't this look like a gem that can only be unearthed by the likes of Eddie Ross?  Can't you see it on one of his delightful tablescapes?  And at this price, I couldn't snatch them up quickly enough.

In this month's issue of LonnyMag, Eddie and Jaithan highlight five entertaining tips. I've synopsized them for your consumption:
  • Keep things simple.
  • Know the measurements of your home and carry swatches when you are trying to match up items for it.
  • Preparation is key. (MY FAVE!)
  • Go to Bergdorf's to educate yourself on stylish pieces then high-tail it to flea markets and thrift stores to replicate the more expensive looks. (NO, this is MY FAVE)
  • To achieve a WOW! factor, set the table just before guests arrive.
So how will I redeem myself and ascend to Good Wife status again? Just you wait for the tiers of cupcakes on these babies and I didn't break the bank!

Have you a signature serving piece? What is it?


  1. Oh that was a steal. These cake plates are lovely. My signature are these slim crisp white plates. I can present anything from cookies to cheese and fruit.

  2. Let me start by saying I adore your blog!
    This was a great deal. I actually have two serving dishes: one is a cupcake stand I purchased from a local thrift store for only $1.99. I use it at almost every function. I can decorate it for baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, etc. These stands usually run for approx. $20-30 at most cake stores. I also purchased a cake stand on sale from Macy's for 15 bucks. I can put a nicely decorated cake with fresh strawberries or some tasty cookies!!

  3. Yes. It's old and I rarely use it because I'm afraid of breaking it because then someone would have to die.


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