August 30, 2009

TBS Reviews: BMW 335d...Eco-Chic and Eco-Conscious!

I'm suffering from a bit of separation anxiety today. Since I'm not the clingy type, I'm nearly ashamed of myself. I could not believe that I fell so hard and so fast in such a short amount of time.

OK, OK...I am not a stalker but I did have the privilege of whipping around Atlanta in BMW's 335d sedan for a day. Y'all, the car is absolutely is gorgeous, rides smoothly and evokes amazement (a la Mr TBS's: "THIS is a diesel?"). Basking in this luxious ride even brought out a bit of haughtiness in me...and, no, I did not drown in the rain as a result of having my nose in the air.

I mean...who doesn't love a BMW? The brand speaks for itself. Most of us are familiar with the wonder that is German engineering. What most impressed me is that it gets 50 miles/gallon on the highway!!! Say no more...saving on gas? I'm there.

Before long, it was time for me to relinquish the vehicle. I, literally, thought I was going to die. I've been begging Mr TBS for the past 24 hours to please, please, please take advantage of the $4500 eco-credit as it ends tomorrow, August 31. I'll take it in black (AND with a Hermes scarf AND a pair of Jackie O sunglasses)! Ha!

Have a great weekend. See you tomorrow.

*The Broke Socialite's reviews are independent and no remuneration was received for this review.


  1. Gurl! You are mess! To be a gnat clinging for life on the hood of that car and see you in all of your glory! Priceless! Yes, I was drinking a tiny bit of haterade!

  2. Can I just say you look fabulous in that jacket? Love it!

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. 50mpg?? wow! Your wish was granted :-)


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