August 31, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

Dear The Broke Socialite,

I've run into this a lot lately and would like to know what your readers think. Is it appropriate to respond to a voicemail on my cell phone with a text message to the caller? Or am I obligated to return her call? Is the former considered rude?


Very, Very Stumped

Well? Is it? What would YOU do?


  1. I think you can respond by text IF you're in a meeting or in a setting where you can't talk by phone, but need to get a response to the sender. Sending a text simply because you don't want to talk to someone can be rude. Maybe it's time to re-think giving out your number.

  2. I do it all the time if someone calls and I'm not able to talk to them at the moment. I agree with Reads4Pleasure's response.

  3. Tiffany In HoustonAugust 31, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    I did this just last week because someone was asking to use me as a reference. I guess I didn't really think about it at the time because I'd communicated with her before via text and she really only needed a yes or no answer, as she already had my info. Plus she's a mom of two young children and talking to her on the phone can be a bit of a struggle. I guess it would really depend on the situation.

  4. i think that this is dependent on what the nature of the vm is. i know that if i'm unavailable to talk but there's an urgent vm, i'll respond via text. however, i will preface it with "i just got your vm but i can't talk right now. is everything ok?"

    if it's a non-urgent message, i would just wait until i had a free moment to speak.

  5. I agree that it depends on the situation but I only return a call by text on urgent matters and I am not able to talk at the moment


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