August 20, 2009

Tailgate Chic: The Wardrobe Essentials

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Though we're still in the dog days of summer, football is in the air...can't you smell it? How could you not? The Broke Socialite absolutely LIVES for this time of the year! Pigskin, beer, friends and tailgating just tickle my fancy. I look at tailgating as an opportunity to picnic creatively.

There are a few elements to the perfect tailgate experience: food, beverages, the elements/ambiance and, yes, wardrobe! Because you might need to budget and it's likely the more pricey of them all, let's start with wardrobe (*happy dance, happy dance*).

Truth be told, it's time to move beyond wearing jerseys and sneakers when tailgating *clutching my virtual pearls* Stop your bellyaching! There are tons of ways to exhibit team spirit without looking like SpongeBob when wearing a mesh...ahem...shirt (if that's what you'd like to call it).

Having said that all, TBS is to the rescue. You no longer have to fret about how to be 'tailgate chic'. For maximum comfort and an effortless look, add the following pieces to your wardrobe:

1. A pair of great jeans: as we've all learned, it doesn't matter how much you spend on jeans, just make certain that you look and feel your best in them.
2. A pair of chinos (full-length or cropped): See rationale in #1.
3. Layering tanks and tees: Pick up a couple of different sleeve lengths to accomodate the change in seasons.
4. A wonderful, tailored lightweight jacket: Grab a one in denim and another in khaki. You can find great ones in Target, Wal-Mart, Gap, et al. I've even noticed nicely tailored blazers in TJ Maxx and Marshall's.
5. A layering vest: Only if you're the "vest" type (TBS certainly has been on occasion).
6. A white collared shirt: Tip...ask the dry cleaner to starch the collar 'up' (thanks, Monica. That suggestion changed my life).
7. A pair of Wellies: Be sure to check sites suck as You can find Hunter Wellies there for more than 50% off.
8. A lightweight sweater or cardigan: For early morning or late evening socializing.
9. A pair of ballet flats or driving loafers with nice cushioning: Do ensure that your shoes will enable walking and standing for long blocks of time.
10. A cross body purse: No fanny packs, please. You'll need something to hold your ID, keys, lipgloss, business/calling cards (for networking with other alumni), cell phone and camera.

Rah, rah! Shish, boom, bah! You're all set!!!

Do YOU tailgate? What do you normally wear?


  1. Now I feel bad. When we do I wear jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. Guess I need to step up my game a little. You know I'm about looking good. Thank you as always my friend.

  2. @Mrs Cooper...Thanks for stopping by! You can replace that sweatshirt and NOT break the bank, girl. Trust me.

  3. Oh, how I envy true football weather!! Here's what we're all used to: SWELTERING heat; typically until late October. Mix that with the necessity of looking good. It's one tough trick, let me tell you! Thank God, the older we get the less we must "dress to impress". Early on it's definitely all about denim minis, bermuda shorts, rainbows and light weight, cute Clemson colors- this is a task all on its own! When it finally cools to a balmy 75, we bring out the designer jeans, ballet flats or still rock the minis, but with Uggs instead. Mostly it's the shoes & bag that count, since keeping cool takes priority down here!

  4. @Ms're right! Passing out from heat exhaustion is not a good look. Thanks for sharing your warmer weather ideas.

  5. Well, I must admit I've never tailgated:( I've seen people having great parties at various tailgates but, sad to say I've never been invited, hmmmm. If I do, now I know how I should fix up:) Thank you TBS girl you got your finger on the fashion pulse:)

    Ms. Wanda

  6. I love football, tailgating and beer. Um, you didn't mention beer? LOL!

    Winks & Smiles,

  7. **de-lurking for this** THANKS! For the recommendation. I had been looking for Hunter wellies on for almost double the price I paid on overstock.


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