August 21, 2009

Tailgating 101…The Guide To A Swanky Spread!

Into everyone's life, the occasional sporting event surely falls. Who said you can't be fab and tailgate? Yesterday, we talked about your chic tailgating wardrobe; today, we tackle entertaining, food and beverage!

I've pulled together yet another one of my primers (you know you love them) which will hopefully serve as a foundation for yet another fabulously frugal soiree.

The Fabulous Tailgate Tool-Kit

A Blanket - For the ground (especially if you're bringing the little ones) or the bed of your vehicle.
At Least Two Large Coolers - One for food, the other for beverages
A Picnic Basket - Not necessarily for food but it's great storage for cutlery and beverages that do not require ice
Trusty Bottle Openers and Corkscrews (two of each; God forbid that one gets lost)
Fold-able Chairs - Who can really stand up ALL afternoon?
Cutlery- A no-brainer unless you're only serving finger foods
Condiments - See how quickly you'll lose friends if you serve a dry burger!
Cups, Plates, Serving Dishes/Ware and Napkins - Try discount stores for sports-themed items
A First Aid Kit - Hey....You never know! Anything could happen!
Hand wipes and/or Hand Sanitizer and Hand Creme
Fire Extinguisher - If you are grilling
Ponchos - TBS is not a stand-in-the-rain kinda girl but you'll thank me for being prepared if you roll upon a sketchy looking cloud! It's good to have a couple on hand for good measure.
Camera - Of course, for memories, precious memories
Balloons - Represent your team colors!

Chic and Budget-Friendly Tailgating Menu Ideas


*Lox, Cream Cheese, Hard-boiled Eggs, Onions and Bagels served with Bloody Marys
*Low Country Skewered Shrimp (should there be a grill) and Grits served with Mimosas


*Homemade Pimento Cheese on Sourdough Bread, Chips, and Olives served with Lemonade Beer (simply 1/2 beer to equal part pre-made lemonade)

*Grilled Salmon on Wheat Buns, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges (made at home) and Coleslaw (made at home) served with Peach Iced Tea


*Grilled Bleu Cheese Stuffed Burgers on Wheat Buns, Pickle Spears, Kettle Chips served with Martinis
*Italian Turkey Brats and Potato Salad (from the deli is fine; just season to your liking) served with Rum Punch

A Sweet Tooth Tray - cookies, cookie bars, brownies, cupcakes

Consider the items which can be prepared in advance. Who wants to spend the entire tailgating experience focused on food? Better yet, spread the responsibilities with your tailgating crew. This ensures that no one person is overly taxed (financially or otherwise).

Tailgating Etiquette

*First and foremost, have a good time! Try to leave all troubles behind.
*Old fashioned ribbing the rival team is expected but becoming obnoxious is not cool.
*Share the bounty: one of the most wonderful elements of tailgating is community but don't overextend your welcome (read: be greedy).
*Housekeeping - leave your tailgate spot better than you found it. Who cares what the folk next to you do (or not)?

Do you enjoy tailgating? Do you have tips/tricks to share?

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  1. Tailgating is one of our finest skills over at Southern Gent. We do it, alot. I've aquired most of hte goods over the last few years and now it's like clockwork:

    Blanket, Check! Basket for Fried Chicken, Check. Utensil Caddy (and filled), Check, Check! Bar tray - Check.

    2 18" Round flat, baskets. 1 Serves as a bar tray, the other serves as a platter for the mounds of fried chicken

    1 18" by 12" basket with sides - for chips and snack bags. People alwasy bring these and how they are organized and easy to move around

    Clear cutlery and White dinner napkins - kept together, they match with all themes - steeplechases, Skins vs. Saints games etc etc

    Tent, Chairs, Tables, all folded up in the in back with the Jolly Trolley.

    More on tailgating from SG this fall...


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