July 17, 2009

TBS's Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Wish List: What's On Yours?

Today is a high-holy day in the shopping realm. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale begins today and runs through Sunday, August 2.

If you need to update your fall wardrobe, you'll want to take a pass at their offerings. Last year, I scooped up a few pair of pants and some sweaters but the shoes...oh, the glorious shoes make the experience worthwhile.

No actual Nordie's near you? Don't fret...damages can be done on-line, too!!! I think I'm going to pop over to the Phipps Plaza location for some scouting at lunch today. Here are a few of the items I'm pining for:

What's on YOUR wish list?


  1. One of my favorite places! I actually don't buy many clothes there, but they know me in the shoe department LOL! And I love the purse and jewelry section. And I buy most of my kids' clothes there.

    So, I do have the Anniversary catalog circled and I hope to get there next week while my kids are in camp. Right now I have my eye on some Nikes and a peace sign necklace. I really should get the "cardy" Uggs too, but I have a hard time buying boots when it is 95 degrees.

  2. No Nordstrom's near me. I am an avid online shopper, at Nordstroms and other great places.

  3. I love cowl neck sweater dresses.


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