July 23, 2009

How To Build A St John Wardrobe On A Budget

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is this fabulous lady, TravelDiva! Not only is she beautiful but I love her smarts (she's a West Point grad, y'all), candor (don't hang with her if you don't want the truth) and style. I love her style because she's one of the very few modern ladies I know, who does St John right!

I immediately thought of her when I was visiting Luxe Redux today. Do check out my dear Robin's suggestions on building a St John wardrobe on a budget. Mwah, Robin!

I can now be like TravelDiva when I grow up!

Are you a St John fan? Any secrets for saving on the collection?


  1. You're such a gem and I want to be like TravelDiva too! lol Today is St. John Day on my blog so there are two more posts scheduled that you'll love too. At least I hope you do. Thank you so much for always being sweet to me.

  2. Mothers of old, passed on information with regards to wifely duties, domestication and child rearing. Women of today pass on information of preserving the sexy, candor, and style, all while on a budget So much information, so little time. What on earth would we ever do without you?!!!!

  3. Love St. John. Love St. John Sport even more! Great link!

  4. Wow Girl, thanks for the shout out. I am off to read the article, but my secrets are I NEVER pay full price, I have several ladies near & far that call me immediately and put stuff to the side for me when it is 50% off or higher and I have two St. John Outlets (one at the Prime Outlet in Queesntown & one in Naples) that send me an email with what they are moving and they just ship it right to me.

    @Erica B - St. John Sport is da BOMB!

  5. Just read the article and the first piece of advice is absolutely true. Buy the basics first and then branch out. I have several of the basic pieces that I have had for YEARS...black knit skirt, pants, suit jacket, car coat (at least that is what I call it) and have added over the years.


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