June 19, 2009

Today's Visit To Big Lots!

It's no secret around these parts: I 'heart' Big Lots. Like in a majorly obssessive way. There isn't one near my home; so when I stumble upon one of their locations, I nearly lose my mind.

Today, I thought I'd swing by a store in the 'burbs because I'm looking for plant stands for the deck project. While I was not successful in the pursuit of garden decor, I did manage to stumble upon some other fab odds-n-ends.

Here's the list of finds (l-r in photo):

*Spices ($1 per bottle: Cajun Seasoning, Seasoning Salt, Red Pepper Flakes...pantry essentials) = $3

*A plastic sugar container (who knew, right?) = $2

*A box of 12 individual packets of Bear Naked Granola (which y'all KNOW I LOVE and is great atop yogurt) = $5

*A DVD copy of one of my fave movies ev.er...I nearly know the script by heart: The Holiday. A classic = $6

*(Let me qualify this next item by saying that I have not been a Crocs aficianado in the past...however...) A pair of black ballet flat Crocs which will be great for cleaning/mopping/running the occasional errand = $12

I nearly need a paper bag. I am thrilled with my bounty. What a great way to kick off the weekend.

Good luck finding your own bargains this weekend! See you on Monday...


  1. I'm a fan of Big Lots too. No, it's not all frills and glamour, but it's practical for certain things. As you know, people with "the eye" can find fabulous things anywhere.

  2. The Holiday is the bestest movie!

  3. You know you be DOING-T it! I just saw a commercial for Big Lots the other day saying they had Martha Stewart craft supplies for $2. Did you see any?

  4. I love Big Lots and there is one near my job that I frequent! They have plenty of scrapbooking supplies for cheap.

    I'm envious of that Bear Naked Granola you picked up. That price was a STEAL!


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