May 22, 2009

TBS Is A Copy Cat (Well...Not Really But Sorta) !

If I am nothing else, I am an individualist. Make my own decisions, follow the beat of my own drum and all THAT jazz.

In spite of that, last week one of my fave friends,
Erica B, posted a comment on Facebook about Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets and my interest was piqued. The purported beauty in this new product? Well, the dryer sheet-esque solution was detergent, softener and an anti-static sheet in one. Who'd have ever thunk it, right? Erica wasn't so sure about it so when I noticed them in Tar-zhay when I (and by "I", I mean Mr TBS and Gareth...for I was surely over in the magazine section) was picking up the patio furniture. At $5.99, a little less than my Tide Complete (and when were laundry products incomplete? Have I been hoodwinked with partial concoctions in the past? Geesh...the marketing!), I was eager to try it. I usually spend about $12 on laundry detergent and dryer sheets; so I was more interested when I saw a potential savings benefit. (insert 'high-five' here)

Lo and behold, I was catching up on my blog reading last night and I saw that one of my other fave friends,
AskWifey (y'all...this is one of the sweetest, prettiest, nicest girls I know; who is tied with her sister for being totally awesome---you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon....there's a shoe-shopping trip on the horizon but N.E. Way) had been selected by Purex to test this product. So I thought I'd share AskWifey's experience...LOVE her!

I'll be trying mine out this weekend as I have mounds of laundry to keep me busy. I certainly live 'the life', huh? Woo hoo.

If you haven't, might you try a 'complete (ha!)', all-in-one laundry solution? What are your fave laundry brands?

Click here for a coupon! Yay!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wooo Hooo! Thanks for the coupon, don't shop without them. I love anything that makes laundry easier for me. I do one load of laundry every day, so I can truly rest on the sabbath. My fav laundry product right now are the Downy Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection fabric softener. There are three scents and they are all delightful. Expensive, but soooo worth it! Amethyst Mist is my FAV!!!! Thanks Wifey for trying this out for us!

  2. Let me know how it work. I'll save the coupon in case!

  3. Aww, thanks for the love and for sharing my vlog! Sister dear and I are tied for second place, right behind you!

    Winks & Smiles,


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