April 1, 2009

It's Nearly The Weekend, Baby!

This has been a long week...and it's merely Wednesday, right?!

Well, I can't wait until Saturday evening when Gareth is off to the prom and Mr TBS and I can sit back and enjoy a few cocktails. One of the things that I enjoy is listening to some nice tunes whilst sipping my libations. The weather is supposed to be nice (75 degrees or so, I think) and we might partake of our drinks al fresco.

I was recently reading the March issue of House Beautiful and came across a list of cocktail tunes as chosen by musicians and bartenders alike. How cool, huh? I thought you might like it as inspiration and preparation for the weekend.

Here's the link. I hope you enjoy.

For good measure, I've also included some cocktail hour planning tips.

What's YOUR favorite cocktail hour song? Mine is "Mr Magic" by Grover Washington, Jr. Oh, so smooth.


  1. That martini looks divine! I shall mix one (or 3) tonight. I don't have a particular favorite song. But a spot that Michael and I frequent has a wonderful live band that covers fabulous smooth jazz hits.

  2. Happy cocktail hour Broke Socialite!

    I'm interested in your expert opinion: in these trying times, does the FAB (flat-ah, broke) set indulge in fewer premium libations or more, less expensive concoctions? I think the days of knocking back round after round of $15 theme-tinis is probably over. Surely we're not all doomed to slamming PBR out of the bottle, however. Does the Broke Socialite recommend ratcheting down in quality or quantity?

    oxox SB


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