March 23, 2009

What'd You Do This Weekend?

Haaaaapppppy Monday morning to you and yours!
Besides it surely being too short, I so hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Mine was pretty low key with the exception of Sunday's TBS photo shoot. I have a few things in the work and needed some professional photos, so I spent Sunday morning with my dear, dear friend (and hair stylist), Najah of Like The River Salon in Atlanta at a photo shoot.
I wasn't sure how it'd pan out but, actually, it was a great deal of fun. I was admittedly a bit stiff initially but after my "Get It Movin'" playlist began to blast over the salon's sound system, my inner diva was unleashed. I am grateful to Najah, the make-up artist (Yolanda Parrish) and the photographer (Moses Robinson). I can't wait to share the final photos (I should have them by week's end) by week's end.
Here are a couple:

Above - me doing one of the things I hate most: sitting under the hair dryer!

Above - Lights, Camera, Action!

What'd YOU do this weekend?


  1. Hey TBS

    It seems like the photo shoot should have been a success because your makeup is fierce and your hair is on point! I can't wait to see the final shots!!!

  2. Looking fab!

    Winks & Smiles,


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