March 20, 2009

Love Home Decor? Love Eddie Ross?

Well...get a paper bag! Eddie Ross has opened an Etsy store featuring some of his darling flea market finds...I am, literally, about to hyperventilate.

These treasures make me feel like I'm in my grandmothers' china cabinets.

Just lovely!

Do you do flea markets?
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  1. I LOVE flea markets, consignment, garage sales, the works. Wipe it down with some Clorox Wipes, and it's just about good as new if you ask me, lol. (Plus im an etsy seller myself, so I always like to show support!)

  2. I love flea markets! Plus, I love going with my mom because she has such a vintage eye!

  3. Awww thank you so much for your sweet post!


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