March 11, 2009

Trying To Cope With A Layoff: TBS Has Your Back!

I hope you'll pass this post along to anyone in your life who might have recently been affected by an ugly lay-off.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story that highlights how people are coping with being downsized. Our very own Miss Pink Slip (love her!) got props for her forum which challenges those who have been given, well, a pink slip to live there best lives until the next opportunity comes along. Because Miss Pink Slip is one of my besties, I know that some days were tough but, y'all, she really, really, really practiced what she preached.

Karma is a son-of-a-gun and I'm convinced this is why Miss Pink Slip started her NEW J-O-B two days ago!!!!! Yay!

What an inspiration!

You can shout her out here or, better yet, tell someone about her blog!


  1. That's GREAT! Congrats Miss Pink Slip!

  2. Congratulations Miss Pink slip. Sorry about the Bayou Bengals. :(


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