March 12, 2009


In addition to being a shoe whore, I am a reality shoe junkie....Yeah. No big deal. Very rarely am I rendered speechless except when I saw that LuAnn from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City has actually forged ahead with her desire to pimp true etiquette. So she really wrote a book?! 'Tis a joke...she's violated nearly every premise of proper notions besides chewing with her mouth full of food. And that's probably going to happen on next week's episode. This lady is fun to watch and definitely a train wreck waiting to happen.

Which reality shows do you watch?

Photo credit: Class With The Countess


  1. Amen. She is so rude.

  2. I can't get enough of the Real Housewives of New York. And in the last episode- Luanne was definitely DIS Countess...

  3. Don't worry the Countess' daughter covered the chewing with her mouth full of food!

  4. I haven't checked out the show! I was doing too much watching ATL housewives and figured I was breaking enough rules doing that. :)

  5. Love The Countess! Besides The Real H.ousewives, I enjoy T.op C.hef, K.eeping up with the K.ardashians, and K.imora S.immons' show.


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