March 30, 2009

Keep Pineapples and Peaches In Your Pantry: Hear Me Out!

Occasionally, we've chatted about the well-stocked pantry here at TBS's lair. These are key items that make it easy for us to pull together a quick meal for our families or entertain at the drop of a hat.

My dear friend, Kate, for example, swears that you should always, always, always keep a container of Trader Joes' Fresh Salsa. The lovely Shannon swears by Trader Joes' Hummus. Neither is expensive but each tickles our palattes like a million bucks.

Well...I discovered a wonderful non-perishable at Wal-Mart this weekend: Sam's Peach Pineapple Chipotle Salsa. Oh. My. Goodness! I picked up a jar on Sunday afternoon on a whim. I thought it'd be a great snack before supper later in the evening. Can I say that it is a hit?! Though I enjoyed it with Baked Lay's Tortilla Scoops, I began to think of all of the possibilities besides dipping! It would make grilled chicken breasts divine. It'd also be lovely atop a salad of field greens, avocados, bell peppers! Ah....I love it! I can't wait to get another jar or two.

Ummm...did I mention that it's $1.89?! Enough said. Get some.

What is YOUR "I Always Have (Blank) In My Pantry" Staple?


  1. Dear BS,
    I always keep ingredients for COWBOY CAVIAR in my pantry. You MUST try this recipe.
    *11 oz white shoepeg corn(I use Green Giant frozen)
    *1 can black eyed peas, rinsed and drained
    *4 roma tomatoes seeded and diced
    *2/3 c green onions thinly sliced
    *1/4 cup olive oil
    *1/4 cup red wine vinegar
    *2 minced garlic cloves
    *3/4 tsp salt
    *1/2 tsp pepper
    *1 tsp cumin
    Tostitos scoops
    Combine all ingredients except chips.Toss gently together.
    ENJOY!!!! I always keep these ingredients on hand-all my family and friends love it!!!!!

  2. Im going to pick some up tomorrow thanks!

  3. Target has a version of this salsa that is out of this world! Its under their Archer Farms brand. So good!


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