March 2, 2009

Get Naked...Bear Naked!

If you've not had Bear Naked Granola, here's your chance. They are offering a free sample via mail on their website, in addition to coupons, when you sign up to be a member of (what else?) The Den!
I recently added Bear Naked Granola to my pantry and love it. I add it to a cup of yogurt and berries for a filling breakfast or weekend snack.
What do you usually have for breakfast?


  1. Im usually a oatmeal and fruit kinda girl early or I like to eat granola and yogurt, love that

  2. Funny you should post this...I have a bag of Bear Naked Heavenly Chocolate on my desk at work right now...LOL

    I like to add it to my vanilla yogurt.

  3. I'm a Go Lean Crunch girl myself but will give Bear Naked a try.

    Winks & Smiles,


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