February 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday! How About These Chairs?!

Happy Wednesday!
And boy aren't I happy! This is one of the best hump days EVER! If you can believe it (but I'm sure that you can see), I found my new chairs!
Originally $400 each, I scored them for $150 each! Can you believe it? I found them at a secret location (tee hee hee) and they are fab, indeed. Now comes the business of finding juuuuussssttt the right fabric for reupholstering them. I also think some nailheads might be nice.
If you'll remember, I will sell my orange slipper chairs to off-set the cost. I've one person in line to potentially scoop them up; otherwise, they will go on Craigslist by the weekend! This all makes Mr TBS happy, of course since the transactions are a wash and no actual dollars are lost.
What do you think? How'd I do?


  1. Lurker/Subscriber coming out of hiding for a minute to let you know that I love the chairs!!!

  2. @CaliMom...thanks! Come out more often. Welcome.

  3. You did FABULOUS! The lines are sexy and strong. LOVE the curve. LOVE IT!


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