February 4, 2009

Atlanta Readers: New Boutique Alert!

For all of you readers in Atlanta, there is a brand new resale boutique in our midst. I passed by the fab locale a few times over the past couple of weeks and even did a drive-by of a trestle table that seemed to have the makings of a great piece of furniture. It was only Saturday that I noticed it to be open and popped in.

Meet Tasha Greer, the shopkeeper at The Market at M West.

The boutique is chocked full of treasures from furniture to art to dishes (I think I overheard someone inquiring about bringing in some fun, Asian-inspired plates); you never know what you'll find.

Do swing by if you get an opportunity and tell Tasha that The Broke Socialite sent you! Since she's 1/4 mile from my home, I'm certain that we'll be fast friends!

The MarketPlace at M West
1335 Marietta Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 352-2109

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