February 26, 2009

Frugality Is The New Black!

I've spent quite a bit of time over the past few months discussing The Broke Socialite concept with family, friends and strangers.

Most everyone seems to be in the same position: leery of the economy, uncertain about job stability and fine-tuning their austerity plans. Whereas a daily stop off into Starbucks used to be the norm, more of us are brewing coffee at home. The beauty in it all is that the home-brewed Starbucks purchased at the grocery store proves itself to be just a chic, tastes the same and is more economical as you enjoy the sunrise from your very own front porch. My friends and I are entertaining at home more and are becoming more creative with our menus (hey! didn't you see my chicken enchiladas from Sunday?). Trips for full-priced shopping to Saks and Bloomingdales have been replaced with jaunts to Tar-Zhay and bargain shopping on budget-sites such as Overstock.com or Nordstrom Rack.

Hopefully, we are reverting to a more simple existence. Simplicity. Frugality. Fabulosity...these all will soon be mentioned in the same breath. The days of irresponsible finances and overindulgence are likely on the way out.

Mark my words: frugality is the new black!
*climbing down from my soapbox*
What do you think?


  1. I think you nailed it on the head TBS with this post. Great site!

  2. I think your doing a great job of keeping us informed. Ive always been one to cook at home,we may go out once a week and on weekends I nay pick up a pizza at Sams Club 9.99 u cant beat that! Im also trying to pack the kids lunch more for school,they love when I do that and I add a nice lil mommy note t it, just to say I care.

    Ive never been a coffee drinker,thank goodness,but have a one pepsi a day habit that im trying hard to break lol.Ive always loved Target and find some great things in there. Most of my red carpet outfits are straight from the Thrift Stores(evening wear dept 10.00)nobody ever knows,plus I would be in the broke house if I had to buy a brand new dress for every red carpet event I go to lol(thats atleast 4 times a week)Keep the info coming I love it!


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