February 26, 2009

From Dear Reader, Mr TBS: Style Secrets From Gap's Head Designer

Mr TBS recently found these tips on MSN and thought it'd be cool to share them with my readers. Style is one of the things that most of us strive for, but some of us miss (I haven't told you all about my rhinestone shirt-phase, have I?). I've watched my style icons in an attempt to do better and can certainly see the difference in my style now versus three or four years ago. These tips come to us courtesy of Gap's Head Designer, Patrick Robinson. These principles can even be applied to those of us on a budget.

1. Stand out in a Crowd
"Don't wait for a special occasion to show off your inner and outer style," says Robinson. "Reveal your individuality every day in your wardrobe but also in what makes you happy and what you believe in."

2. Find the Jeans for Your Body
"I can only hope it's a pair from Gap," says the 42-year-old designer. "But nothing looks more effortless than denim jeans with some ease -- to me, that's the essential element of looking stylish."

3. Invest in Good Jewelry
"I love a woman who buys her own pieces," he says. "The best jewelry usually comes with a story, so there's a special light in her eyes when she's wearing it."

4. Excel at the Unexpected
"I'm in awe when a woman rolls up her sleeves and repairs stuff around the house or fixes a car," says Robinson, who has been married for eight years to a fashion editor. "Helplessness is attractive to some men, but put up drywall and I'm hooked."

5. Know How to Buy a Suit for a Man
"Men see the big picture, but women take time to see the details when shopping," asserts Robinson. "Train a man to zero in on the points that matter -- or just buy it for him. He's bound to look better."

6. Lead a Conversation
"Maybe it's because I'm a Southern gentleman at heart [he's from Southern California], but to me, the ability to steer language eloquently is stylish and seductive. Great conversation makes a woman more beautiful."

7. Trust the Classics
"A great slouchy blazer and a button-down shirt or a crewneck sweater are not boring if they are well fitted and paired with pieces that are singularly yours. The result is, you look put together as well as special."

Do YOU have a style secret? Mine sort of aligns with #7, I rely on classic cardigan to dress up jeans or to infuse a bit of preppiness for the most polished look.

Thanks, Mr TBS!

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