January 29, 2009

Yet Another TBS Project!

If you'll remember, last week, I took a trip to the Salvation Army and stumbled on these chairs and ottomans. Well, damn them! I can't get their clean lines and the promising pieces they would be if recovered out of my head.
Right now, I've two upholstered orange slipper chairs in our family room. Let me tell you, they're absolutely lovely but have turned out not to be the most practical for our family and entertaining needs. Let me tell you: I pined and pined and pined after these chairs until I bit the bullet and bought them nearly 2 years ago. If they've been lounged on twenty times, that'd be the most. It may be time to move on...
So! I'm thinking of selling the two slipper chairs on Craigslist and using my proceeds to purchase the more classic 'club' style chairs and ottomans for a reupholstery project.
What do you think?

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