January 23, 2009

A Quick Trip To The Salvation Army Store

I found myself at my nearby Salvation Army Store last afternoon. I wasn't looking for anything in particular...just some unexpected treasures. My fellow thrift store shoppers will likely concur, visits can be somewhat hit or miss. Today was mostly a miss but I wanted to share a chair and ottoman that I found for $130 minus 20% (since the set had been on the "showroom floor" for > 20 days).

What most appeals to me are the clean lines and I'm not sure that I won't be swinging back through for more ogling. Since there were two, reupholstering these would be such a fun project and might be great for the boys' Dungeon....hmmmmm....or not. My plans of grandeur might be hampered by the cost of fabric and labor....hmmmmm. Or one might be nice in my home office for reading......triple hmmmmmmm.

They could so be turned into something like the comfy print chair found in this photo at
Urban Grace:

Am I ever void of interior design quandaries? Shut it, Mr TBS. No one asked you.

Do you ever shop at thrift stores?


  1. I do shop at thrift stores, but, never seem to have luck scoring any great finds. You're right, it is hit or miss. I must be going on the "miss" days, LOL! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to tell you that it's great!

  2. That is a lovely set! I don't shop at thrift stores because I'm weird. I wish I could...I just can't. Please help me.


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