January 21, 2009

Update On The Office!

Please accept my apologies...I am overdue for posting my progress on TBS's empire-building home office.

Finally, finally, finally, I've gotten my core pieces (sans one more bookshelf) and I'm thaaaaaat much closer to being able to reveal the final design! I've chosen my fabric for drapes and chair upholstery (yeeeesss, I found a chair!). I'm still trying to determine whether or not I am going to paint versus maintaining a neutral palatte and infusing punches of color via texturizing. I hope to share the completed project by April 1.

Here is the inspiration room:

Here is my progress:
Here is the chair:

So...what do you think? Aren't you thrilled with how far I've come?

Whether at home or work, what do you love most about your office?

Photo credit (Inspiration Photo): Real Simple magazine


  1. love it!!! have you tried pottery barn or ebay for the corkboard? or you could probably diy it. I recognize that lamp girl!!!

  2. I'm LOVING your choices so far! GET.IT.GIRL! I love that my office is his/her and yet I don't have to share a desk with my husband even though it's not a big room and yet it fits perfectly. Oh...I also love that there was enough room to put my nephew's crib in there when we needed to make room for him to visit.

  3. Wow it really is looking great and coming along nicely. I am coming out of lurking mode to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair (and your blog)!! Good luck with all your plans looking forward to seeing it progress.

  4. I lurve the chair...can't wait for the reveal.

  5. Hey Ms. TBS....I loves your office so far. I am so jealous. I am gonna be bugging you for some decor tips. That inspiration room is hot.



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