January 21, 2009

She's Such A Great Sport: Dear Reader, Colleen And The Five Piece Rule!

Before TBS (above)
After TBS (above)

Everyone, please wave to dear reader, Colleen.

As it turns out, Colleen is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! She's smart, witty, funny and, as you can see, drop-dead gorgeous! Colleen and I so happen to be professional colleagues and spend too much time together (like we have begun to complete each others' sentences...ha!).

Anyway, last Friday, Colleen was wearing the most fabulous J Crew, velvet gray jacket. The lines...clean, the cut...perfect BUT....she was sporting too many matchy, matchy accessories and I knew I had to say something. Well, because she loves me, Colleen did not punch me in the face! I suggested that she remove her circle necklace (that she'd surely put on to match her circle earrings...*le sigh*).

When I shared the Before/After pictures, she was surprised that she looked so polished. We took a minute to go over the "Five Pieces of Jewelry Rule"....it's as simple as this: you should never wear more than five pieces (duuuh, huh?). If you're over the limit, do take the time to edit yourself. No need to channel your inner Mr T!

Do you see the difference?

Do you follow the "Five Pieces Of Jewelry" Rule? Something similar?What are your standard pieces?


  1. Thanks for sharing w/ me the "rule". While I can honestly say that I am not guilty of this, I do have some relatives that are!!

  2. I will forever be in your debt TBS :) I only wish someone had said something to me sooner.... like 5 years ago. I believe that's when the "matching of accessories" started. Ugh, I'm so ashamed.

  3. @Colleen- just think better now then later. TBS- what a great tip! Fabulous post.

    P.S. Colleen- I love the blazer!

  4. What's the old Coco Chanel rule? Look in the mirror and take off one accessory?


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